Cheong Chun Yin

Cheong Chun Yin was convicted of trafficking 2.7kg of heroin in to Singapore in February 2010. The Court of Appeal upheld the sentence in October 2010.

To this day, Chun Yin claims that he did not know the suitcase he had been given in Myanmar contained heroin. He had been told that he would be carrying gold bars for the purposes of tax evasion. He did not cut open the lining of the bag to verify if the objects hidden in it were gold bars or not, because he did not want to be held responsible for anything going missing.

Chun Yin was arrested alighting from a taxi in Arab Street in June 2008. At the time of arrest, he had already handed the suitcase in question over, and did not have the suitcase in his possession.

During interrogation, Chun Yin gave detailed descriptions and phone numbers of “Lau De”, the man who set him up. However, the CNB officers made not attempts to trace this man.

In his judgement, High Court Judge Choo Han Teck stated that “It was immaterial that the CNB did not made adequate efforts to trace Lau De or check on his cell-phones.”

If the CNB had tried to trace “Lau De”, they would have been able to further trace the drug network, as well as been able to corroborate Chun Yin’s story.

Second Chances urges the Singapore government to stay Chun Yin’s execution, and to give him a second chance for his case to be examined and heard, with the aid of a proper investigation of the CNB.

Chun Yin family submits petition signatures

Chun Yin’s Story


Justice for Chun Yin

Please Do NOT Execute Cheong Chun Yin petition

High Court Judgment

Court of Appeal Judgement




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