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Singapore’s problematic death penalty system.

The following was first published in funny little world. In the 12 years that he was our head of state, former President S R Nathan did not grant a single clemency. This isn’t a topic that he has spoken much on, but he finally opened up recently during an interview. His response highlights an alarming … Continue reading

Our Precious Things

The following is a piece sent in by Justicia Phuang, who attended Mr Toshi Kazama’s presentation “Eyes On Preciousness” last Wednesday. Thank you Justicia for this piece! It was a cold and rainy Wednesday evening, rather befitting of the grave issue at hand. I brought along two friends who, it is safe to say, have … Continue reading

The Death Penalty – Is this justice?

Kirsten Han / As I am writing this, it is being announced that Troy Davis has been executed, time of death 11:08pm (time in Georgia). Despite affidavits from witnesses recanting their statements, despite allegations of testimony extracted under duress, despite doubt cast on his guilt for about two decades, despite campaigns and protests all over … Continue reading

Clinging to the Noose – Is Singapore getting left behind?

Kirsten Han / Out of all the countries in South-east Asia, only Malaysia and Singapore have the mandatory death penalty for drug offences. In Malaysia, the mandatory death penalty comes under the Dangerous Drugs Act, while in Singapore it comes under the Misuse of Drugs Act. Unlike the “regular” death penalty, the mandatory death penalty … Continue reading

Thoughts on changes to the death penalty in China.

Kirsten Han / The Supreme People’s Court of China, who took back the right to review every death sentence handed down by lower courts four years ago, has released its annual report, ordering death row inmates to be given a 2-year reprieve. (This does not apply to those cases where the courts have decided that … Continue reading

NGOs form a coalition against the death penalty in Malaysia

Kirsten Han / Six NGOs, together with the cooperation of the Malaysian Bar Council and certain Members of the Malaysian Parliament, have come together to make a stand on the use of the death penalty in Malaysia. A forum held in Kuala Lumpur on 11 May 2011 was the first in a series of events to be organised … Continue reading

Press Statement from the Save Vui Kong Campaign on Cheong Chun Yin

Save Vui Kong Campaign – RE CHEONG CHUN YIN The family of Cheong Chun Yin, a 28-year-old Malaysian who is on death row in Singapore has, at 10am today, submitted a petition supported by 8778 signatures to the President of the Republic of Singapore Mr S R Nathan. The petition pleaded with the Singapore government … Continue reading

How many need to die?

Hello everyone, Vui Kong and his mother It’s been awhile since I have written in this blog. Since January, there hasn’t been much news on Yong Vui Kong’s case to update everyone with. The verdict for his last appeal (17 January 2011) will be delivered on 4 April 2011. I’ll be there, hoping for good … Continue reading

Political Parties and the MDP

The elections are drawing nearer. People are abuzz with the recently announced budget, and bread-and-butter issues are hot topics of discussion. This year, Singaporeans will once again cast their votes, determine the direction of the country for the next 5 to 6 years. Through all of this, I cannot help thinking, “What about Vui Kong?” … Continue reading

Yong’s Story

Yong’s Story aired on Al-Jazeera English’s Witness strand today. It shows us the desperate efforts of his family and lawyer to save his life. In the course of the fight for his life, important legal questions have been raised; questions that will have an impact beyond just his case. His story has also triggered large … Continue reading