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Atiqah’s death sentence set aside!

Today we’ve received wonderful news: the Malaysian Court of Appeal has set aside Atiqah’s death sentence, replacing it with 12 years imprisonment. Following reductions and the time that Atiqah has already served, she will have about 5 more years to go before she can be released. Such news doesn’t come very often. We’re still waiting … Continue reading

NGOs form a coalition against the death penalty in Malaysia

Kirsten Han / Six NGOs, together with the cooperation of the Malaysian Bar Council and certain Members of the Malaysian Parliament, have come together to make a stand on the use of the death penalty in Malaysia. A forum held in Kuala Lumpur on 11 May 2011 was the first in a series of events to be organised … Continue reading

Drugs and the Death Penalty – “What can we do?”

When we first started planning the forum, we knew that it had to make an impact, that we wanted to get more new people in to attend, that we wanted to encourage more discussion on the issue in Singapore. We knew that families of death row inmates would probably attend. But we had not been … Continue reading

Just One Person

This is the flyer prepared by Atiqah’s loved ones, to be distributed for the purposes of raising awareness of her story and her case in Malaysia. You can email it, print it, tweet it, Facebook it… however you please. But do share this flyer, and talk about Atiqah to your friends. This is how we … Continue reading

Thank you for coming to our flea!

The Second Chances flea market at The Pigeonhole (awesome place, check it out!) went really well today. Huge thanks to everyone who came! We raised $337 today, from sales and donations. Since they have reached their target of raising $50,000 for Atiqah on Saturday, the Save Atiqah campaign committee has decided to leave the money … Continue reading

See you tomorrow! :D

Last night, the Save Atiqah campaign announced that they had reached their objective of raising S$50,000 to help cover Iqah’s legal fees. They have achieved this goal a lot quicker than everyone had expected, and so big huge thanks go out to everyone who has support them and donated to help Iqah! All this support … Continue reading

Write a postcard and send some love!

Find more information at the Facebook event page here. As Sunday approaches, it’s time for us to close pre-orders for cupcakes and photo prints. For those who still want to purchase photo prints, though, you can pay for them through PayPal and get them posted to you! Click here to do so. On Sunday, the … Continue reading

Photo prints for Second Chances.

Since we all decided to go ahead with the Second Chances flea market to support Atiqah, I have been wondering what I could contribute to sell. I can’t really cook or bake or sew and the last time I did handicrafts I superglued my finger to an ice cream stick. I have thus decided that … Continue reading

Help Liyana help Atiqah.

The following was first posted on the Lianain Films blog. Second Chances would like to thank both Liyana (MommaMiia Creations) and Lianain Films for all their support. 🙂 This is Liyana. When we met her last year, she was living in a tent in Sembawang Park with her husband Fazli, mother, and two young sons. … Continue reading

Second Chances Flea Market – Who wants cupcakes?

Cupcakes! Sweet, cute, yummy – what’s not to like? We’re now taking pre-orders for cupcakes, to be picked up at our flea market on 10 April at The Pigeonhole (52/53 Duxton Road), 2pm – 8pm. We have a super kickass baker who has volunteered to bake cupcakes/muffins for us, and so we’re taking pre-orders for … Continue reading