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Selective prosecution? Yong Vui Kong’s latest constitutional challenge filed

A Criminal Motion has been filed in the Court of Appeal today on behalf of Yong Vui Kong. The motion challenges the constitutionality of the prosecution’s decision to charge Vui Kong with a crime that attracts the mandatory death penalty while withdrawing previous charges made against Vui Kong’s ‘boss’, Chia Choon Leng. In his affidavit, … Continue reading

Atiqah’s death sentence set aside!

Today we’ve received wonderful news: the Malaysian Court of Appeal has set aside Atiqah’s death sentence, replacing it with 12 years imprisonment. Following reductions and the time that Atiqah has already served, she will have about 5 more years to go before she can be released. Such news doesn’t come very often. We’re still waiting … Continue reading

Dear Vui Kong, Happy Birthday

Dear Vui Kong, Your story has touched us all and we have you in our thoughts. We are all gathered here today to celebrate your birthday. But we are also here to remember your life and what you have done, the good and the bad. Vui Kong, no one here denies that you have made … Continue reading

The birthday that might not have been.

When you’re involved in a death penalty case, you’re always aware of the ticking clock. Time is running out. There might be no tomorrow, no next week, no next year. Life events like birthdays are no longer just one more landmark to celebrate – they’re tinged with sadness and uncertainty, because who knows if there … Continue reading

The Mule, the Mastermind and the MDP

At a Parliamentary sitting on 15 September 2010, then-NCMP Sylvia Lim posed an interesting question to then-Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs, Wong Kan Seng. She asked if the government had detained, under the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act, any person believed to have organised drug trafficking activities involving Yong Vui Kong, an inmate on death Row. The … Continue reading

Ravi – A short documentary

Documentary filmmaker Jon Keng followed human rights lawyer M Ravi to Malaysia, where he was visiting Mr Cheong Kah Pin, father of Cheong Chun Yin. We see Mr Cheong at home, still living alongside all Chun Yin’s belongings, constantly reminded of his son’s situation. Through this film, Ravi reminds us that beyond all debates and … Continue reading

The Death Penalty – Is this justice?

Kirsten Han / As I am writing this, it is being announced that Troy Davis has been executed, time of death 11:08pm (time in Georgia). Despite affidavits from witnesses recanting their statements, despite allegations of testimony extracted under duress, despite doubt cast on his guilt for about two decades, despite campaigns and protests all over … Continue reading

Roslan’s family writes to the President

Roslan bin Bakar was arrested on 18 July 2008. He was convicted of trafficking 96.07g of diamorphine and 76.37g of methamphetamine and sentenced to death on 22 April 2010. Roslan maintains his innocence to this day, saying that he had not been at the scene of the crime. He was convicted mostly based on testimony, … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Presidential Candidates

Dear Presidential Candidates, My name is Kirsten Han, and I am one of the co-founders of We Believe In Second Chances. I was very encouraged to see my fellow campaigner Priscilla present at The Online Citizen’s Face 2 Face 2, to be able to speak with all of you on the death penalty. I would … Continue reading

Press Statement by YB Datuk Chua Soon Bui, Member of Parliament Tawau

YB Datuk Chua Soon Bui, Member of Parliament for Tawau, has submitted a memorandum of appeal on Yong Vui Kong, to His Excellency Dato’ Husein Hanif, the new Ambassador and Permanent Mission of Malaysia to United Nation (U.N) in the UN headquarter in New York in July. 斗湖国会议员,YB Datuk蔡顺梅 已在日前(7月)在联合国总部纽约提陈一份有关杨伟光案件的上诉于马来西亚驻联合国长期大使Dato’ Husein Hanif。 YB Datuk Chua briefed H.E Dato … Continue reading