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WBSC’s Individual Report for Singapore’s UPR 2016

In light of Singapore’s upcoming Universal Periodic Review in January 2016, We Believe in Second Chances submitted our individual report in June this year.   Our report provides a statistical overview of the death penalty regime since the amendments were brought into force in 2013. Various problems with the death penalty regime such as the … Continue reading

Statement by the SWGDP to commemorate the 10th World Day Against the Death Penalty

10th World Day Against the Death Penalty It has been a decade since the World Day Against the Death Penalty was first commemorated. In the past decade, the world has seen a progressive decrease in the use of the death penalty. According to the latest statistics provided by World Coalition Against the Death Penalty, 97 … Continue reading

Selective prosecution? Yong Vui Kong’s latest constitutional challenge filed

A Criminal Motion has been filed in the Court of Appeal today on behalf of Yong Vui Kong. The motion challenges the constitutionality of the prosecution’s decision to charge Vui Kong with a crime that attracts the mandatory death penalty while withdrawing previous charges made against Vui Kong’s ‘boss’, Chia Choon Leng. In his affidavit, … Continue reading

Dear Vui Kong, Happy Birthday

Dear Vui Kong, Your story has touched us all and we have you in our thoughts. We are all gathered here today to celebrate your birthday. But we are also here to remember your life and what you have done, the good and the bad. Vui Kong, no one here denies that you have made … Continue reading

Challenge of Attorney General’s discretion dismissed in capital offence case

By Ashok N The case of Ramalingam Ravinthran v Attorney-General (A-G) drew to a close at the Court of Appeal on 10 January 2012, with Chief Justice (CJ) Chan Sek Keong dismissing the motion put forth by the defendant’s lawyer Mr M. Ravi. The reopening  of this case during the clemency period and after all … Continue reading

Our Precious Things

The following is a piece sent in by Justicia Phuang, who attended Mr Toshi Kazama’s presentation “Eyes On Preciousness” last Wednesday. Thank you Justicia for this piece! It was a cold and rainy Wednesday evening, rather befitting of the grave issue at hand. I brought along two friends who, it is safe to say, have … Continue reading

Eyes on Preciousness – A Photo Presentation by Mr Toshi Kazama

It was short notice, a public holiday and raining – yet the venue was filled with people who had accepted their invitations to listen to New York City-based photographer Toshi Kazama speak. None of us were disappointed. For the past 15 years Mr Kazama had been photographing death row inmates, execution chambers, crime scenes and … Continue reading

Ravi – A short documentary

Documentary filmmaker Jon Keng followed human rights lawyer M Ravi to Malaysia, where he was visiting Mr Cheong Kah Pin, father of Cheong Chun Yin. We see Mr Cheong at home, still living alongside all Chun Yin’s belongings, constantly reminded of his son’s situation. Through this film, Ravi reminds us that beyond all debates and … Continue reading

The Death Penalty – Is this justice?

Kirsten Han / As I am writing this, it is being announced that Troy Davis has been executed, time of death 11:08pm (time in Georgia). Despite affidavits from witnesses recanting their statements, despite allegations of testimony extracted under duress, despite doubt cast on his guilt for about two decades, despite campaigns and protests all over … Continue reading

IHRA: Foreign Drug Offenders Facing Death in China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Kuwait

Thursday, September 15, 2011 (London, UK) – A survey of countries that enforce the death penalty for drug offences reveals that in many nations the majority or even entirety of those facing execution are foreigners. In a follow-up to its landmark survey on the death penalty for drug offences, Harm Reduction International reveals that in … Continue reading