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Rethinking the Death Penalty

Over 100 people showed up for our closed-door forum ‘Rethinking the Death Penalty’ today at Sinema Old School today, and we had a good session with lots of questions and answers and opinions flying about.

On behalf of We Believe In Second Chances I would just like to thank everyone for taking the time out of your Sunday afternoons to attend this forum, and to contribute your voices to the discussion on the death penalty and issues surrounding it. As Damien said, awareness is crucial in such a campaign, and it is people such as yourselves who are the driving force behind raising awareness in Singapore. We hope that you will continue to help us spread the word and encourage discussion of this issue.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Damien and Priscilla for putting so much effort into organising this forum, M Ravi and Thiru for agreeing to speak to us, and to all the other Second Chances volunteers who came to support us and help with registration/organisation/legwork. (Also, thanks to all those who volunteered for future events!)

For those who would like engage your MPs or even the Cabinet Ministers, contact information can be found here.

We will be putting up video recordings of the forum soon. Please share them with your friends when they are uploaded!

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at contact[at]webelieveinsecondchances[dot]org. If you have questions for specific people, here are our emails:
Damien – damien[at]webelieveinsecondchances[dot]org
Priscilla – priscilla[at]webelieveinsecondchances[dot]org
Kirsten – kirsten[at]webelieveinsecondchances[dot]org

Damien is currently in NS so if you have anything urgent please send it to Priscilla or Kirsten, or the general contact email.

Once again, thank you for attending, and we hope that it was a good experience for everyone!

– cheers, kirsten




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