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Press Statement by YB Datuk Chua Soon Bui, Member of Parliament Tawau

YB Datuk Chua Soon Bui, Member of Parliament for Tawau, has submitted a memorandum of appeal on Yong Vui Kong, to His Excellency Dato’ Husein Hanif, the new Ambassador and Permanent Mission of Malaysia to United Nation (U.N) in the UN headquarter in New York in July.

斗湖国会议员,YB Datuk蔡顺梅 已在日前(7月)在联合国总部纽约提陈一份有关杨伟光案件的上诉于马来西亚驻联合国长期大使Dato’ Husein Hanif。

YB Datuk Chua briefed H.E Dato Husein Hanif that Yong Vui Kong, a young Malaysian from Sandakan Sabah is now awaiting execution in Singapore for drug trafficking, is facing injustice. Reference is made to Vui Kong’s counsel, Mr M Ravi, that the Chief Justice of Singapore, Mr Chan Sek Keong, should recuse or disqualify himself from hearing Vui Kong’s appeal as he is in position where conflict of interest occurs. The Chief Justice has rejected the application despite that it is validly made. As a result, Vui Kong suffered a breach of customary international law in as far as a fair trial has been denied to him.

YB Datuk蔡顺梅已向Dato’ Husein Hanif报告了有关杨伟光,一个来自沙巴山打根,现在在新加坡正等候处决的案件。她认为,杨伟光并没有受到公平的审讯。根据伟光的律师拉维先生的说法,新加坡上诉庭的大法官,陈希强(译音)应该答应律师的申请,而退审伟光这案件,因为他的身份明显的有利益冲突。但这项申请被驳回。因此,伟光没有得到一个公平公正的审讯,他的权力已被剥夺。

Yong and his family had appealed to the Malaysian government to take the matter before the United National for adjudication in order to protect its citizen’s right to receive a fair trial.


H.E Dato Husein Hanif said he is well aware of Yong Vui Kong’s case.

Dato Husein Hanif表明他已被告知有关杨伟光的案件。

He will, after consultation with Malaysia Foreign Minister, proceed on the bilateral discussion with the Singapore government on the matter raised within the United Nation platform.


YB Datuk Chua Soon Bui, who is also the vice president of SAPP, congratulate Dato Hanif of his new appointment and also his chairmanship to the 3rd Committee in the UN. His appointment to the 3rd Committee on the UN platform, responsible on social development, youth, women and children development, is very relevant to the current development of the nation and among the 193 UN countries. It’s relevancy especially to transborder crime of drug trafficking, human trafficking will no doubt help to minimize and curb the said matter.

YB Datuk蔡顺梅,也是沙巴进步党的副主席,在此恭贺Dato Hanif的新委任,以及他任委为联合国第三委员的主席。他将负责有关社会,青年,妇女和儿童的发展,这对我国及193个联合国会员是重要和切题的,尤其是在国际贩毒,人口贩卖的方面,无疑会带来很大的帮助。

YB Datuk Chua will follow up closely with the matter with Dato’ Husein Hanif.

在杨伟光的案件上,YB Datuk蔡顺梅会有所跟进。

YB Datuk Chua Soon Bui



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