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A letter to the Workers’ Party

Dear Workers’ Party,

We wish to send our congratulations to the Workers’ Party of Singapore for having 6 of your members elected into the Parliament. It is indeed a good sign of the party’s progress.

May you continue your good work and be successful in fulfilling your promises of being the alternative voices for Singaporeans.

We are very heartened to know that the you have included the abolishment of the Mandatory Death Penalty (MDP) in your manifesto and we hope that you will be able to raise the issue of the existing MDP in Parliament within the next 5 years and help to initiate a re-examination into the alternative ways to deal with drug related crimes that result in the passing of the mandatory death sentence.

In addition to that, we would like to highlight to you about the case of a 27 year old Singaporean woman who is currently sitting on death row in Malaysia.

Noor Atiqah M. Lasim was sentenced to death on 18 March 2011 at Shah Alam High Court after being found guilty of 342.1 grammes of heroin and 30.3 grammes of monoacethyl. According to her statement, the bag in which the drugs were found did not belong to her. Her sentence resonates with many others who were similarly tricked into becoming unknowing drug mules by the Nigerian drug syndicates, whose presence in Singapore has been acknowledged by the Central Narcotics Bureau.

As she is a single mother who is also a constituent of Aljunied GRC, we would like to seek your help on behalf of the family to see what can be done for Atiqah. If it is possible, can we arrange for a meeting between representatives of both campaign groups as well as the representatives of the family and the MPs of Aljunied GRC, to discuss upon the case of Noor Atiqah?

We do understand that you have many tasks on hand upon taking over the constituency so we are willing to wait for the earliest possible date that is convenient for you to meet us. Do advise us on the possibility of such a meeting, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Once again, we thank you for standing up to be the alternative voice of Singaporeans and your entry to Parliament is a cause for celebration to us.

Yours sincerely,

Rachel Zeng
Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign (SADPC)

Kirsten Han
We Believe in Second Chances




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