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Chun Yin’s family present petition signatures to Istana

While most of Singapore was preoccupied with the excitement of Nomination Day, it was a solemn morning for the family of Cheong Chun Yin.

Since 8 April 2011, Chun Yin’s family have been canvassing the streets and markets of Johor Bahru collecting signatures for the petition calling for a stay of execution and for the case to be re-opened. Today, they carried 8778 signatures collected from Malaysia and Singapore to the back door of the Istana, to be presented to the President.

Chun Yin’s father got on his knees before the Istana’s security officers, begging for his son’s life. The rest of his family joined him, kneeling on the tarmac. “My son was tricked, he was misled by others,” Mr Cheong said.

Chun Yin’s sister, Joanne, told members of the Malaysian press that she hoped her brother’s case could be re-opened. When asked by a reporter if she would be satisfied with a life sentence for Chun Yin, Joanne said, “As long as I am able to continue to see my brother.”

You can read more about Chun Yin’s case here.



One thought on “Chun Yin’s family present petition signatures to Istana

  1. I am deeply grieved to hear of your loss! Offering my deepest condolences to your whole family!

    Posted by Sean Lim | April 27, 2011, 2:46 pm

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