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Just One Person

This is the flyer prepared by Atiqah’s loved ones, to be distributed for the purposes of raising awareness of her story and her case in Malaysia.

You can email it, print it, tweet it, Facebook it… however you please. But do share this flyer, and talk about Atiqah to your friends. This is how we get things moving, how we begin to campaign to save a life. We start by telling a story. Atiqah’s story.

We don’t want to ask for too much. We know you have jobs, school, assignments, projects. Everyone is busy. But all we need is:

Just One Person.

Just one person, from each of you. Just one person, if that is all you have the time for. One person is better than none. One voice is better than utter silence.

Talk to your friend at recess time. “Hey, have you heard about Atiqah?”

Talk to your family over dinner. “Did you read about this lady, her name is Atiqah…”

Talk to your colleague during lunch break. “Have you seen this flyer? This is Atiqah…”

Tell them her story. Give them the flyer. Show them this blog, or the Save Atiqah blog. Tell them that we are trying to save her, a Singaporean single mother whose mistake was to fall in love with the wrong man. Tell them we are trying to save her for her little girl, who needs her mother back. Get them interested, ask them to join us in this fight.

Bring them to our events, or just to subscribe to this blog for updates and more stories.

Then tell them what we’ve just told you: talk to just one person.

One person, then one more. One person, then one more. This will be how we start our fight to save Atiqah. Thank you for joining us.




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