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Thank you for coming to our flea!

The Second Chances flea market at The Pigeonhole (awesome place, check it out!) went really well today. Huge thanks to everyone who came!

We raised $337 today, from sales and donations. Since they have reached their target of raising $50,000 for Atiqah on Saturday, the Save Atiqah campaign committee has decided to leave the money with Second Chances to fund future events – not just for Atiqah’s case, but for Vui Kong, Chun Yin, or any of the mandatory death penalty cases that we might come across in the future.

We thank the Save Atiqah committee for donating the money to Second Chances in support of our other cases, and hope that they know we will always be around to support and help them with whatever they need in their campaign, be it help to fundraise, gain financial support or just spread Iqah’s story. 🙂

We also thank Liyana of MommaMiia Creations for joining us today, and for donating part of her proceeds to the campaign. Thank you Liyana for coming forward and helping us! ❤



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