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Blogging for life!

Hello all!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year, and that 2011 is treating you all good so far.

Yong Vui Kong’s hearing has been scheduled for the morning of 17th January 2010, the week of his 23rd birthday. He has heard from his brother about Second Chances in the Park and the birthday banner, and was very touched to know that there are so many people who care! So thank you to everyone who showed up, and everyone who signed the banner and sent him well wishes of hope and compassion for his birthday.

And now, it’s time for the next Second Chances event!

The Second Chances Blog-A-Thon!

This one is not so much an “event” like Second Chances in the Park, but something that anyone and everyone can do from the comfort of their own home/office/school/friend’s house/grandmother’s house.

Here is the plan…

On the 16th of January (i.e. the day before Vui Kong’s hearing), write an entry on your blog about Vui Kong. It can be as long or as short as you like, made up of words or photos (or even video), as long as it is related to Vui Kong’s case.

That’s it. That’s the plan. Easy, right?

We are hoping that with as many bloggers as possible writing about Vui Kong on the day before his hearing, we would be able to generate more exposure and attention for his case and the issues surrounding it, as well as reinvigorate debate and discussion in Singaporean society.

But what if I don’t have time on the 16th?

That’s no problem, just write your post when you have time and schedule it to be published on the 16th of January!

What if I don’t have a blog?

No worries: you can write a Facebook note, or just post a message on our Facebook wall. You can also send messages to us at webelieveinsecondchances[at]gmail[dot]com, and we’ll post your entry for you as a note on our Facebook page.

So that’s it, a simple plan, and may the blogging begin (but publish on the 16th)!



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