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Yong’s Story

Yong’s Story aired on Al-Jazeera English’s Witness strand today. It shows us the desperate efforts of his family and lawyer to save his life. In the course of the fight for his life, important legal questions have been raised; questions that will have an impact beyond just his case. His story has also triggered large … Continue reading

A smile to say, "Thank you."

The court had adjourned for 15 minutes while Vui Kong’s lawyers prepared some documents for his case. People stood up and began milling about, talking in low voices or answering messages on their phones. I sat next to Vui Kong’s brothers, Yun Leong clutching the messages and birthday banner I had handed over to him … Continue reading

The Blog-A-Thon for Vui Kong.

This is the blogroll of entries related to Vui Kong as we kick off our Blog-A-Thon today. We will keep adding articles and entries as and when we come across them, so if you would like to be listed please add your link in a comment! If you don’t have a blog, send your message … Continue reading

Blogging for life!

Hello all! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year, and that 2011 is treating you all good so far. Yong Vui Kong’s hearing has been scheduled for the morning of 17th January 2010, the week of his 23rd birthday. He has heard from his brother about Second Chances in the Park … Continue reading