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Sunday is coming!!!

Last night, TheOnlineCitizen organised Face To Face, the political event of the year. Thanks to the team and everyone who turned up, it was a great success and a very interesting night. But now that’s over, the next big event of this week would be Second Chances in the Park! 😀

We’re still working hard to make sure that everything will go smoothly, but things are falling into place nicely: bands/performers, T-shirts/wristbands/badges, banners, etc. We want this to be as good an event as we can make it, and hope that you’ll join in the fun!

Singaporean youth are often criticised as being apathetic, spoilt or uncaring. We hope that with Second Chances in the Park we can show people that there are Singaporean youth who are willing to come forward and speak up for what they believe in. At the same time, we would also like to send messages of support and hope to Yong Vui Kong and everyone else who has ever made a mistake in their lives. It would mean a lot of us if you would come down to Hong Lim Park on Sunday to join us as well.

Bring your parents/children/relatives/friends/teachers! We will not be protesting or demonstrating, but just celebrating how wonderful it is to be alive, to be young, to forgive and to be forgiven. Feel free to bring picnic mats and baskets and have a nice picnic on the grass in the park! (How often do people in Singapore actually have outdoor picnics, anyway?)

Although only Singaporeans and PRs are allowed to perform/make speeches, we welcome anyone and everyone who would like to drop by and hang out with us, as well as sign Vui Kong’s birthday banner. The Second Chances team will also be available the whole afternoon for you to come up and have a chat; we’d love to see you!

See you there!

To all those who supported us at Face To Face last night by buying T-shirts, badges and wristbands, thank you! For those who didn’t get the opportunity, all these goodies will also be at Hong Lim Park on Sunday.



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