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Second Chances – Banner Painting

We’d arranged to meet at 4pm, thinking that the worst of the afternoon heat would be over by then. WRONG. Thankfully there was shelter for us at Bras Basah Complex!

After assembling all our gear (brushes, fabric paints, banner cloth etc.) we started to draw. Or rather, we stood around the banner hoping that someone else would start to draw. With none of us being particularly good at art, everyone was afraid of drawing and “ruining” the banner!

Fortunately Tavis manned up and showed us all how it’s done. He did the outlines for the whole banner, so the rest of us more “chicken” people could just paint within the lines.

It was plenty of fun painting, and everything went pretty well, which was a huge relief. No one spilled paint, and although we were attacked by the wind a few times we always managed to save the banner before the paint got smudged everywhere.

Damien smudged a bit of the logo once, but everyone deserves a second chance, so we forgave him. 😉

We did kind of run out of green paint, though…

Painting went from about 4:30pm all the way to 8:30pm! We had to wait for the paint to dry, and then we also did a second banner for everyone to sign for Vui Kong’s birthday.

It was a long afternoon’s work, and all we had to offer was Oreo cookies. So here’s a big THANK YOU to everyone who showed up to paint these banners – they look great!

As Damien said, “Probably the happiest banners to be at Hong Lim Park!”


Check out more photos at our Facebook group!




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