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Second Chances in the Park: It’s over!

Last night, the weather forecasts all said that there would be thunderstorms over the city at 4pm. This caused a rather large amount of distress for the Second Chances team (and especially to me). But today at Hong Lim Park, not only was it NOT raining, it was actually sunny! Which made it perfect for … Continue reading


The generator’s been picked up. Tonight two of us are going to pick up the sound system (seeing that neither of us drive, something really simple is turning into a bit of a logistical nightmare). We’ve got the guestbook for people to write messages in. The banners are all ready. The performers are lined up. … Continue reading

Sunday is coming!!!

Last night, TheOnlineCitizen organised Face To Face, the political event of the year. Thanks to the team and everyone who turned up, it was a great success and a very interesting night. But now that’s over, the next big event of this week would be Second Chances in the Park! 😀 We’re still working hard … Continue reading

Frankie – Hardened criminal to successful artist

We have a new story to share with all of you, courtesy of Lianain Films: Listening to his story, it seems like there is nothing Frankie hasn’t tried before in his life. Armed robbery, drug peddling, gang fights (with serious injuries and even death), escape from jail… he really did do it all. He spent … Continue reading

Second Chances – Banner Painting

We’d arranged to meet at 4pm, thinking that the worst of the afternoon heat would be over by then. WRONG. Thankfully there was shelter for us at Bras Basah Complex! After assembling all our gear (brushes, fabric paints, banner cloth etc.) we started to draw. Or rather, we stood around the banner hoping that someone … Continue reading

Presenting Second Chances wristbands and badges!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is our great pleasure to present… SECOND CHANCES WRISTBANDS AND BADGES! As part of our fundraising efforts for Second Chances in the Park, we will be selling these for S$3.00 (without postage) or S$3.50 (with postage).   Get them posted to you, or pick them up on the … Continue reading

Paint a banner, have some fun!

We Believe in Second Chances is gearing up for Second Chances in the Park! This Sunday (12th December 2010) we will be at Bras Basah Complex painting our banner for the event. Come join us for an afternoon of socialising and fun with paint! Help us design and paint the banner, or just come by … Continue reading

Join the fun!

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