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Second Chances in the Park: The work begins!

Over the past week Damien and I (plus our amazing network of wise gurus and supporters) had been discussing Second Chances in the Park almost exhaustively in person, over email, FB chat and SMS. But this morning we had our first official team meeting.

I was feeling a little stressed out and worried before about all the logistics of the event, feeling like I was in over my head. However, after meeting up with everyone today and talking over all the issues related to the event that we could think of, I left the meeting feeling not only reassured by also super-excited about 19th December!

So I’d like to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to those who came to the meeting today. I would also like to thank those who were unable to attend the meeting, but have nevertheless pledged their time, skills and energy to helping Damien and I organise Second Chances in the Park.

These volunteers had come across our Facebook page and sent us emails asking how they could help, out of kindness and goodwill. It is heartening to see Singaporeans – especially young Singaporeans – coming forward to support Second Chances, and to be willing to commit their precious free time to helping us with this event.

So keep watching this space as we update you on our progress towards the main event – Second Chances in the Park, 19th December 2010.

– cheers, kirsten


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