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Calling all performers!

Do you have a band? A breakdance crew? A choir? A cheerleading squad? Are you a singer? A stand-up comedian? A clown? A unicyclist? We are now looking for groups/individuals who would like to perform at Second Chances In The Park! We welcome anyone who is interested, regardless of age. However, due to the rules … Continue reading

"Vui Kong’s story changed it all for me."

“I never really thought about it.” That was the answer I gave my French teacher back in 2005 when he asked me if I supported the death penalty. I remember this exchange well, and have thought of it often this past year, sometimes with amusement and other times with shame. I remember that he had … Continue reading

Second Chances in the Park: The work begins!

Over the past week Damien and I (plus our amazing network of wise gurus and supporters) had been discussing Second Chances in the Park almost exhaustively in person, over email, FB chat and SMS. But this morning we had our first official team meeting. I was feeling a little stressed out and worried before about … Continue reading