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'Then and Now' Series

"I can’t imagine how much I would lose if my life is going to end right now."

Thinking back, I have gone a long way since my teenage years. When I was 15 to 16, I lost interest in my studies. I did not do well for a few subjects and was even made to drop one. I managed to pull through my ‘O’ levels with an average score. Design was something I would love to go into as a polytechnic course. Yet, my parents did not approve of me studying it. Eventually, I landed in a food technology course. With encouragement from my friends, I managed to complete my polytechnic course smoothly. I then went on to join a food technology degree course, which was supposedly quite tough. Moreover, it was a condensed version – an originally 4-year course which we were expected to complete in 2 years. It definitely wasn’t easy for someone like me who did not have much interest in this area. Nevertheless, I did not give up and I am about to graduate soon.

Right now at age 22, I find that I have accomplished much and I still have the chance of doing something I like in the future. I believe things do change even within a few years. I find the past me not determined enough and I did not set clear-cut goals for myself. Procrastination was also a serious problem during my Secondary school days. Experiencing different events and looking at different people have inspired me much and shaped my determination over the years. As long as I am alive, I do not want to give up on my interests! I can’t imagine how much I would lose if my life is going to end right now. No longer can I pursue my dream and aspirations. And no longer can I see my dearest family and friends again.

Written by: Goh Huibing


This piece was written as part of We Believe In Second Chances’ Then And Now series, where people share their personal experiences and reflect on how they have changed from when they were young (or younger), or how second chances have helped them.

If you would like to share your own story, please do. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live or how “boring” you think your life is – everyone has his or her own experience and everyone has a story. There is no word limit, and don’t worry about your language/writing skills – this is not a composition test!

Please send in your pieces to webelieveinsecondchances@gmail.com.



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